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Hrvatska udruga gluhoslijepih osoba "Dodir"
Nova cesta 54, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel/fax:++385 1 3822 195
e-mail: slsymposium@ffdi.hr


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Croatian Association for the Deafblind "Dodir"

Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus, Zagreb

Department of Hearing Impairments, Faculty of Special Education an Rehabilitation, University of Zagreb

Under Auspices of

The President of the Republic of Croatia
Mr Stjepan Mesić

Ministry of Work and Social Welfare of the Republic of Croatia

Ministry of Education and Sport of the Republic of Croatia


The Symposium Program

You can see and download the symposium at:

Learn Croatian Sign Language Online!

Croatia is one of a few countries in the World that have an online Sign Language dictionary. There is also index in English so you can learn some Croatian Sign Language (Croslan) online before you come to Croatia. Maybe you will like it and continue learning Croslan not only for one time visit... The address is:

The Checklist!

In about three weeks we are going to welcome you in Zagreb and we are very much looking forward to it. In order to make all the necessary arrangements for the symposium and make your stay as comfortable and as fruitful as possible, we would like to ask you to fill the checklist (right mouse click and "Save Target As...) in the attachment and send it back to slsymposium@ffdi.hr  as soon as possible and not later than April 28. (more)

Important Information from of the Organizing Committee

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 Welcoming Letter

Speaker Guidelines

The list of the participants who have registered until the 27th of February 2001. There are 112 participants from 24 countries and the number is still growing!
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Thematic Areas:

  • Sign language (linguistics, psycholinguistics...)

  • Deaf culture, history and human rights

  • Education of deaf children and youth

  • Interpreting services and training

  • Mental health, counseling and psychotherapy

  • Experiences and needs of the deafblind
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Invitation Letter

Plenary Speakers

Call for Papers



About the Symposium
The reason that we organized the symposium is to contribute to the social establishment and recognition of sign language as:

  • the natural language of the preorally deaf

  • a language which is equal to other languages in human society

  • an efficient means of sharing quality, complete, and valuable information:
    - in the process of teaching deaf and deafblind children
    - in the social and public life of deaf and deafblind adults

  • an efficent means for learning the language of the hearing community

  •  and to establish sign language as a part of the cultural identity of the Deaf community

Our wish is to help the Deaf community realize and establish itself as a linguistic and cultural minority in a hearing-majority society by presenting their artistic creativity and by pointing out creative potential in Deaf communities.
With this symposium we would like to inspire maximal inclusion, mutual understanding and contributions of all participants - the deaf, deafblind and hearing, in joint efforts to improve the quality of lives for the deaf and deaflblind.

 Symposium languages:

Croatian, English, Croatian Sign Language

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